Server load balancing is providing this business owner savings on capital and operating expenses.

Resonate Central Dispatch™ Benefits

Historically, load balancing had to be set up, managed and monitored by an IT staff. This process was tedious and costly to maintain for a business or website owner. Software can now perform these functions with little to no oversight. Resonate Central Dispatch™ software efficiently determines which servers to route traffic to based on information it collects about an individual server and the network infrastructure as a whole.

Not only does effective load balancing provide a high-quality end-user experience while simultaneously cutting down on the need for server and application management by network administrators, it also holds several key benefits for business owners.

Support for Any Application and Environment Type

Due to Resonate Central Dispatch™ scalability, it is an ideal method of managing a diverse set of applications within data centers of a more complicated nature. This flexibility also means that the tool can be quickly and easily integrated into pre-existing network infrastructures.

Enhancing Server Productivity

Resonate Central Dispatch™ is constantly monitoring a network, allowing IT staff to assess application responses and network status at any time. This ease of access to valuable information allows for a much higher level of performance and server availability.

Dynamic Provisioning

Dynamic provisioning is a function that allows a network to quickly adapt to evolving user situations. This allows for several valuable service features:

  • A consistently positive end-user experience regardless of if an application is experiencing high traffic
  • IT staff can bring network resources both on and offline without causing a service disruption
  • Resources can be shared across different applications and services.

Higher Level of Security

It is essential website and application owners guard against DoS and application attacks. A DoS attack is an assault on a network through flooding it with requests causing the user experience to be slowed or completely interrupted. This can have devastating consequences for websites and applications. Resonate Central Dispatch™ protects against these types of attacks by ensuring that a network is prepared to handle the highest levels of traffic.

Resonate Central Dispatch™

Resonate Central Dispatch™ is a highly effective tool for website and application owners who need 24/7 traffic monitoring and maintenance. Not only does this tool offer sleek and secure methods of ensuring a great end-user experience, but it does so in an automatic manner based on actual server and network data. This means that server load balancing will take place in a way that is as effective as possible in real-time. Request a demo, today!