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Since 1995, Silicon Valley-based Resonate has been a pioneer in traffic management and load balancing solutions for enterprises who rely on availability and quality of critical web and network-based applications for business operations. Resonate is proud to be a trusted supplier to hundreds of customers worldwide, including Aetna, AT&T, Bank of America, BMW, Eastman Chemical, GE, Goodrich and Sun Microsystems.

Resonate Product Family

Resonate CDvLB

Resonate’s Central Dispatch virtual Load Balancer (CDvLB) provides traffic management capabilities that ensure dependable performance and responsiveness for application delivery. CDvLB helps businesses meet the challenges of assuring a positive and productive remote user experience, by satisfying both end-user and IT personnel expectations with high availability and high performance traffic management.

Central Dispatch Virtual Load Balancer overview


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Resonate Central Dispatch™

Providing optimal performance and availability for business-critical applications, Resonate Central Dispatch is the first load balancing and traffic management product to provision resources on-the-fly, allowing administrators to bring up, and take down servers in real-time. Information gathering and intelligent action, high performance, scalability and flexibility, and just-in-time capacity provisioning, are just a few of the notable benefits of Resonate Central Dispatch.

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Resonate Central Dispatch™: In Depth and Technical

Central Dispatch provides load balancing traffic management capabilities that ensure dependable, predictable performance and responsiveness for business applications. Industry-leading features extend its intelligent traffic management to XML-based business-to-business applications, wireless communication, and internal client/server applications. This empowers businesses to meet the challenge of ensuring a positive user experience and satisfying user expectations, through providing preferential services, in addition to high availability and performance.


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Resonate Global Dispatch™

Resonate Global Dispatch provides high availability and optimum performance for geographically distributed business-critical applications.

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Multi-Site Service Level Control

Intranets, extranets, and the Internet are the lifelines of modern enterprises as mission-critical business activities become more dependent on access to geographically dispersed information, services, and computing resources.


Resonate Technical Support
Resonate is committed to providing customers with technical support expertise to help ensure the uptime and performance of their business-critical applications. To accommodate our customers’ needs, we offer 24×7 Support.

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