Central Dispatch Console

Keeping your servers operating at optimal levels is a top priority for preventing application and workplace downtime. Traditional server load balancing solutions choose servers based on how they responded to previous requests and use those response times to estimate health. Resonate’s CDConsole is a server health monitoring software that integrates with our Central Dispatch load balancing solution. It is specially designed to provide end-to-end monitoring and troubleshooting, and also automates implementation of traffic management policies to ensure 24/7 availability of your mission-critical applications. Using CDConsole for monitoring your servers’ health is key in staying proactive and maximizing performance and uptime for your business.

Enhanced Traffic Management

CDConsole expands visibility for the Central Dispatch load balancer, enabling it to make more informed and accurate traffic management decisions. Resonate’s Central Dispatch load balancer gathers vital information on the health of each server by utilizing software agents to provide status updates on the current CPU load and the number of open connections. CDConsole expands that visibility and enhances performance by also monitoring the resources that a server is dependent upon. For example, if a web server is dependent upon a failed application server to provide a user response, then traffic should not be directed to that server. With CDConsole, the health and performance of all resources can be taken into account when Central Dispatch makes a traffic management decision.

CDConsole HTTP Service Test

CDConsole HTTP Service

Server Health Monitoring Benefits

Relying on CDConsole to monitor the health of your servers has tremendous benefits for your business. Here are just a few of the key advantages it can provide:

Keeping server downtime to a minimum is critical for any business. One of the best ways to improve reliability is to perform routine server health checks. These tests play a crucial role in increasing the availability of each server and application for maximum performance at all times.

One of the main advantages of server health monitoring is that it can be used for any application and network environment. Central Dispatch load balancers are perfect for both simple on-premise deployments as well as complex data center environments that include a wide range of applications. CDConsole can perform server health checks at any time to that your servers are always operating efficiently.

Another benefit of server health monitoring is that it is highly scalable. As you scale servers up or down, your server health checks scale too, providing your business with the ultimate flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Problems can occur on your web server, database server, or both. With CDConsole’s multi-tier resource monitoring and control, you can quickly identify and avert these problems before they occur. With CDConsole, errors can be handled without administrator intervention or assistance. Your administrator simply configures CDConsole to perform the health checks and implement rules that specify what corrective action should be taken if an error occurs.

When Resonate’s CDConsole determines that an application server exceed’s an administrator defined threshold, it will instruct Central Dispatch to route less traffic to that application server until the server recovers capacity. However, if Central Dispatch is not clustering the application servers, it cannot provide load balancing at that tier. CDConsole allows for expanded performance monitoring of application servers by allowing the definition of application or server specific triggers that, when exceeded, that notify Central Dispatch to begin metering requests to the corresponding web server.

Server Health Monitoring

The performance of your business applications all comes down to server performance, and server health checks play a key role in making sure your servers are performing their best. By pairing CDConsole with your Central Dispatch load balancing software, you can maximize your server resources and have ultimate control. To learn more about how CDConsole can help you monitor the health of your servers, automate error resolution, and more, contact us today.

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