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Organizations focus on global traffic management by continuing to distribute their critical business applications across a wide range of dispersed sites to enhance performance, availability, and resiliency. However, network administrators are faced with numerous challenges to efficiently deliver these applications while also managing the global server load balancing infrastructure. One of the best ways to overcome these significant challenges is to use Global Dispatch, an intelligent global server load balancing solution that offers high availability and optimum performance for applications.

Intelligent Global Load Balancer

Global Dispatch makes it easier to manage globally distributed traffic by directing it to the most available and responsive sites. Our powerful software gathers essential site metrics and data to help in the decision-making process. Global Dispatch makes it possible to easily create an excellent end-user experience by finding a global traffic management solution to best meet the unique needs of each user.

Appropriated Response Global Dispatch

Global Dispatch manages clients amongst your global presence.

Benefits of Our Global Load Balancer

Bringing in Resonate’s Global Dispatch to manage the distribution of traffic between your server sites has many advantages. Here are just a few of the benefits it can provide for your business:

In addition to facilitating the deployment of redundant sites, Global Dispatch can also direct user requests to one site until data is synchronized across other sites. Your users will have seamless access to reliable information.

Global Dispatch can enhance the user experience by employing load balancing routines that route each user to the data center with the content most relevant to their needs. Users can also be directed to the data center closest to their location to improve speed  and reduce WAN costs.

Our global server load balancer enables business and application continuity by constantly monitoring the health and availability of every data center. By ensuring that any degradation or failure of a server or data center has no impact on overall application availability or operations, Global Dispatch can greatly increase uptime in the workplace.

Global Dispatch provides flexibility in that it can be configured to act as either a delegate or proxy to the authoritative DNS server. This can increase DNS resolution and add extra security.

An IT administrator has the freedom to easily switch between load balancing and fail-over operation with one click of a button. You can easily plan for or perform site maintenance or disaster recovery.

Our global server load balancer is simple to deploy and scale to meet the unique needs of your business. This innovative software can be easily implemented into any network, whether it is load-balanced by Central Dispatch or third-party load balancers. The scalability of this software is highly convenient, whether your business needs to add more space or scale down.

Global server load balancing makes it possible to route traffic to the site with the largest capacity to help balance tradeoffs between cost, efficiency, and quality. Ultimately, this creates a much better and more dynamic user experience.

Global Dispatch’s technology collects the industry’s deepest set of statistics from data center sites, yet its simple and elegant user interface makes it easy for administrators to manage this information without feeling overwhelmed.

Global Server Load Balancer

Choosing to invest in a global server load balancer can offer numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes. Our state-of-the-art software maximizes available server resources, ensures application continuity, provides dynamic load balancing, and is simple to deploy or scale. By bringing in global server load balancing, your business can dramatically improve efficiency in the workplace and help your employees become much more productive while keeping downtime to a minimum. To learn more about the many advantages of Global Dispatch, contact Resonate today!