Companies require fast and reliable access to actionable information in order to maintain a competitive edge in today’s on-demand global economy—driving a need for highly available, high performing applications. Load balancing plays a key role in increasing availability, by distributing application traffic across multiple servers. Spreading out network traffic evenly ensures that no single server is overloaded or bears too much of the workload, increasing overall responsiveness. With the help of Resonate’s load balancing solutions, your business’s applications can operate much more smoothly and efficiently. Our software offers the following solutions for your business:

Software Load Balancing

Software load balancing is an excellent way to reduce costs and can be deployed on-demand. You can also customize the configuration parameters at any time for immediate results. Software-based load balancers are classified by routing algorithms, such as weighted load balancers, round-robin load balancers, and least connections first balancers. Scalability is one of the main advantages of software load balancing, as it can easily handle a large amount of traffic in real-time.

Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud load balancing distributes client requests across multiple servers in the cloud. Maximizing application performance and reliability are the top benefits of cloud load balancing. Companies can also easily handle traffic spikes without a drop in performance due to the ease and speed of scalability on the cloud. Cloud load balancing is also usually more affordable compared to traditional load-balancing for on-premise resources.

Application Delivery

Application delivery helps to direct network traffic to reduce the excess load from two or more servers. The use of this technology plays a critical role in improving the performance and accessibility of internet-based applications. Key features to look for in application delivery include high availability, Layer 4 load balancing, Layer 7 content switching, and SSL acceleration.

Application Security

Keeping your applications well-protected against cyber threats is a top priority in today’s work environment. App-centric security gives you the best protection against these ever-evolving threats. Access management, SSL visibility, DDoS protection, bot management, and app infrastructure protection all play a key role in keeping your apps safe and secure at all times.

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS plays an important role in keeping your business safe against DDoS attacks by utilizing the latest technology in the industry. DDoS attacks typically fall into three categories, which include protocol-based attacks, volume-based attacks, and application-layer attacks. The main advantages of DDoS mitigation include zero-day automated protection, unmatched scalability, precision protection, and low total cost of ownership.

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Load Balancing Features And Benefits

More value.

Reduce Costs

Server load balancing allows you to save more than 75% compared to using traditional hardware solutions. You also get access to all of the features for one low price, without having to pay extra.


Maximize Performance

Whether deployed for a low use application or a massive server farm, our software load balancing products deliver maximum speed and performance. You'll have access to the full capabilities of our software—without limits.

Easy and simple.

Quick Deployment

Get everything up and running in five minutes or less. With our load balancing products, you'll never have to worry about using a complex user interface. Our server load balancing software is simple and easy to use due to its user-friendly design.

Smart monitoring.

Smart Monitoring

Have your applications available around the clock. Our smart monitoring solutions combine active and passive based testing for ultimate protection and security.

Always available.

Always Available

We focus on availability so you can avoid frustration. Our software load balancing reduces downtime and ensures that you always remain online, giving you increased efficiency and productivity.

Cloud friendly.

Cloud Friendly

Our software load balancing solutions can easily be deployed on popular public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, KVM, Xen, and more. Build and scale public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Load Balancing Software Solutions

Keeping up in today’s economy requires companies to depend on high performing, highly available applications. Load balancing can allow your business applications to operate much more smoothly and efficiently, giving you a competitive edge. Resonate’s load balancing solutions offer an effective way for your business to not only optimize performance, but to also grow and scale resources while minimizing costs, downtime, and risk. To learn more about the solutions we offer, call today.

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