Businesses are facing an increasing demand to provide highly available applications for diverse groups of users and devices, leading them to seek solutions for improving application delivery and performance. The key to optimizing application delivery—whether for local or remote users, in one or multiple dispersed data centers—is with traffic management through load balancing. Properly balancing the load across servers can improve efficiency for applications and reduce response time.

In addition, since today’s applications are user-aware, interactive, and multimedia-based, this requires a different approach than traditional load balancing offers. To optimally distribute traffic in today’s heterogeneous network and application environment, the load balancer must not only have an awareness of the applications, but of the surrounding server and network infrastructure. Resonate offers a full suite of intelligent and advanced load balancing products, capable of deploying in today’s complex environments, as cloud, local, global, or virtual solutions.

Advanced Load Balancing Software

Resonate provides advanced load balancing software products capable of meeting the ever-increasing demands of today’s technology. Our Active Intelligence technology optimizes each application by enabling them to operate much faster and more reliably while using fewer resources. Our solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy, making them a simple way for your business to improve employee efficiency and reduce downtime. Our products also give you greater control, by allowing you to easily manage applications and servers with a simple interface.

Central Dispatch – SLB

Server load balancing software for efficiently distributing network or application traffic across multiple servers in a cluster.

• Active Intelligence technology selects servers based on real-time data, optimizing performance.
• Improves application performance for unparalleled user experience.
• Streamlines management of infrastructure and applications for administrators.

Global Dispatch – GSLB

Global server load balancing software for seamlessly distributing network or application traffic across multiple, geographically dispersed data centers.

• Maximizes resources for high availability and business continuity.
• Improves application performance with greater scalability and flexibility.
• Provides failover and disaster recovery.

Central Dispatch Console

Software console that monitors the health, status, and availability of your servers.

• Around-the-clock monitoring of application and database server performance
• Intercepts, identifies, and resolves server problems.
• Assists in intelligent traffic management decisions by providing server resource information.

Load Balancing Software

Resonate’s load balancing products are the solution for efficiently distributing network and application traffic for your business. The use of our products offers your business increased availability, flexibility, and scalability of your applications, as well as increased efficiency and performance. By turning to our load balancing solutions, your business can also maintain redundancy and perform disaster recovery. To learn more about the many advantages of using our products, contact us today.

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