Web Application Security

Application security is critical in today’s work environment. Cyber threats pose significant risks against businesses large and small. A data breach can create significant downtime for your company while also significantly damaging your reputation. However, investing in application security is a great way to avoid downtime while also keeping your data safe against a wide range of cyber threats in the workplace.

Application Security from Resonate

Resonate’s load balancing products keeps sites highly available and accessible while guarding against many forms of DoS and application attack. Here are some of the features our load balancers provide that support application security:

The ability to redirect a client’s request to a specific server based on information in the HTTP header. For example, you can direct requests for dynamic content to one server, and static content to another.

Resonate’s load balancer examines incoming network traffic, looking for suspicious packets. Any suspicious packets are dropped, and the sender’s IP address blocked.

Your load balancer can be configured to authenticate users as they access applications. By offloading the work of authentication to your load balancer, you enable your applications to focus on business logic.

This refers to the process of offloading public-key encryption from the incoming traffic. This process is processing-intensive, so having your load balancer perform SSL offloading relieves your servers of the burden.

Benefits of Application Security

Here are a few of the top reasons to consider application security for your business.

Choosing to invest in application security is a great way to protect your company against potential vulnerabilities in an application. Application security is an excellent way to stay proactive and keep your business well-protected at all times. You will have the peace of mind to know that your company is safe while using a wide range of applications.

Many companies must follow strict guidelines due to their specific industry. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in significant fines or even the closure of a company. However, web application security plays a vital role in helping your organization remain in compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards in various industries.

A data breach or a cyber-attack can ruin the reputation of your business in only a matter of a few seconds. One of the best ways to prevent this dire scenario is by relying on solutions that improve application security. Keeping the data of your clients secure is critical in maintaining a stellar reputation and helping you maintain your consumer base.

Gaining access to automatic security updates is another way your business receives the most up to date protection against cyber-attacks. You will never have to worry about manually downloading these updates, which saves you a lot of time and allows your employees to focus on their work. These security updates are an excellent way for your business to keep your data safe and secure at all times.

Web application security gives your business access to the latest tools in the industry to protect yourself against cyber threats. Our solutions are also convenient, as they only take a few minutes to deploy to ensure you receive maximum protection.

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Application security is critical due to the ever-increasing number of cyber threats in the workplace. Resonate is a load balancing software company providing reliable and scalable application security for businesses of all sizes. We understand the importance of keeping all of your apps secure against cyber-threats in the workplace. Keeping downtime to a minimum while providing the ultimate cybersecurity is essential for any business. To learn more about our products, contact us today.