Server load balancer directing traffic through CPU circuitry.

When does your Business Need a Load Balancer?

Load balancers help ease the stress of traffic coming towards a company’s servers. They do this by redistributing the traffic across a group of backend servers. These backend servers are also known as a server farm or server cluster. Overloaded servers can lead to outages that can cost your business time and money. Knowing when server load balancers are needed can be vital to the reputation and success of any business.  

Risks of Not Having a Load Balancer

When more users are gained, resources like bandwidth become rerouted through your systems. Without load balancer solutions, this increase in user traffic eventually leads to your resources being maxed out. This will cause massive slowing on the user’s end. In turn, this can then drive those same users away from your site or application.  Overloaded servers can also cause internal problems, preventing you or your employees from performing their jobs.

Using larger, more expensive servers might alleviate this issue. However, these are still prone to failure with components as well as hardware. When a server goes down, it compromises performance. Instead, a group of multiple servers fronted by a load balancer can offset any negative impacts. For example, if one server fails, the load balancer can redirect traffic to working servers.

How a Load Balancer Helps Your Business

Load balancer solutions can also aid in meeting changing demands. If a system needs to be updated, servers can be added or removed without being upgraded continuously. They can also be altered without users noticing. This streamlines your workflow without having to resort to massive upgrades to meet changing demands.

Load Balancer Solutions

As we move farther into the future, server load balancers are becoming an essential part of adaptability and reliability for every business. Once a company begins using multiple servers and gains higher traction, it’s time to consider a load balancer. Resonate has offered reliable software-based load balancer solutions for our clients since 1995. Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from load balancing.