Meeting Data Center Needs

Why do we need data centers and why are they important? Data center administrators are continuing their mission to consolidate IT resources, taking advantage of virtualization technologies by using off-the-shelf hardware. They understand the benefits that can be achieved by simplifying server deployments, easing management, and optimizing rack space, while lowering costs associated with hardware, software licenses, power and maintenance. Ever-increasing numbers of remote and mobile workforces, along with diverse customers and partners, continue to place high volume demands by downloading business applications and requesting content from limited server and network resources. This adds undue strain on IT personnel responsible for making everything work seamlessly.

To help data center IT personnel optimize and simplify server deployments, ease management and lower costs, Resonate Central Dispatch, a software-based load balancer, allows administrators to provision and allocate resources among user-defined classes of users, for delivering a positive and predictable user experience based on differentiated services. These services are dependent upon the users, applications, class of transactions and specific system environments.

Central Dispatch is a patented traffic management software application that provides active Service Level Management (SLM) within a data center. Active SLM consists of a number of functions, including traffic management, systems, monitoring, and service level control. Central Dispatch is designed as a true distributed software application, monitoring resources, and managing network traffic to IP-based services residing across a collection of computers distributed across a network. This collection of distributed computers is viewed as a virtual machine and referred to as a Central Dispatch site with each computer referred to as a node. A Central Dispatch site is accessible to the rest of the network by one or more Virtual IP addresses (VIPs).

When deployed within a virtual environment to allocate traffic among multiple server resources, Central Dispatch efficiently load balances traffic among servers to accelerate responses to users downloading applications and requesting content. Central Dispatch supports VMware, KVM, HyperV, Xen and Amazon virtual platforms.

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