Improving Application Delivery

Server virtualization deployments have outgrown physical server installations, yet the ability to manage these resources can still be a challenge. Automated server resource management is critical to growing the use and value of data center virtualization. The automation and dynamic provisioning of server resources helps reduce costs and increase data center flexibility.

Resonate Central Dispatch virtual Load Balancer (CDvLB) provides financial benefits by maximizing server resources, and thus, reducing the amount of servers needed to respond to user requests. Beyond reducing capital costs, it also lowers power, cooling and management to achieve lower operational costs. These cost benefits, when combined with greater server and application availability and improved response times, help to ensure thriving and efficient application delivery solutions.

With CDvLB, IT organizations have greater control to automate server resource allocation, and align server resources to meet business needs, such as scaling to meet growing traffic demands, ensuring business agility and disaster recovery, and improving application delivery performance.

When deployed within a virtual environment to allocate multiple server resources, CDvLB efficiently load balances traffic among servers to accelerate responses to users downloading applications and requesting content. CDvLB supports VMware virtual platforms.

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