Load Balancers with No End-of-Life (EOL): What Are They?

Load Balancers with No End-Of-Life (Eol): What Are They?

We live in one of the fastest-paced times in the entire history of the world. Thanks to constantly evolving technologies, we can now get most things within a few seconds: information, entertainment, and even food. Companies have developed accordingly by producing products and software that have end-of-life (EOL), rendering them outdated and obsolete much sooner than some people would like.

For software products, like load balancers, coping with technology phase-out is often a logistical nightmare for companies. Upgrading several devices in one infrastructure to keep up with different EOL dates is incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

What Is a Load Balancer?

You might be wondering what a load balancer is and how it’s useful for your company. A load balancer is a type of software used to distribute network traffic across numerous servers in a company. This process is called load balancing, and it prevents overloading one server with too much demand. Spreading out the network traffic allows the application to respond much faster while increasing its availability for users.

With load balancing software, your company will enjoy speedy response times as well as sturdier security for your network. Load balancing also helps defend a company’s network from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which can severely impact business continuity.

What Is EOL?

Meanwhile, an EOL is usually the date that a vendor ceases to support the software or product through bug fixes, security updates, and patches. Without these important updates, customers are at risk as the product may be vulnerable to threats and attacks. Since the product is now unsecured, this can incur data loss for the company, which can lead to network failure and exposure of confidential data.

Products with EOL can be extremely costly for businesses. Apart from the tedious work of updating software across several devices to ensure they’re well before EOL, they can also cost a company its productivity.

How Does a Load Balancer with No EOL Help?

A load balancing software with no EOL is incredibly useful for any company. Software or hardware failure in a network can easily lead to a disruption in business processes, which can significantly reduce efficiency in your workplace. However, a load balancer with no EOL will ensure that you have constant access to support for any issues you may encounter with the software. Our software products have no expiry date, which means your company is free to use it for as long as you’d like.

Using a load balancer with no EOL helps your organization remain flexible and productive. You’ll be automatically upgraded to the latest version of the software without having to regularly dispense a large sum of money to keep your infrastructure up to date. You can also opt to remain working with an older model or version of the software that your network is currently using and still receive full support from the vendor.

While every network has a different environment, a load balancing software can accommodate even the most specific needs. You can keep your business operating smoothly and seamlessly regardless of which version of the software you’re using for your network.

Work with a Trusted Load Balancer Vendor

Load balancer products with no EOL play a key role in the optimal performance of a company’s web applications. It’s also integral for creating the best user experience possible, which will encourage visitors to revisit the website. With the right load balancing software, you’ll be able to easily manage the application and provide a more comprehensive solution for server infrastructure for both system and network administrators.

Working with a trusted load balancer vendor will ensure that you get the right load balancing software with no EOL for your company. You’ll also have exclusive access to features that are sure to optimize your operations without increasing costs.

Load Balancer Software with No EOL

If you’re looking for a load balancing software company that offers reliable, scalable, and innovative application delivery solutions, Resonate is the one to call. Our software utilizes advanced technologies to provide cost-effective services that allow your company to cut operating expenses while gaining a competitive advantage. Request a demo to try our solutions today!