How Does Global Server Load Balancing Work?

How Does Global Server Load Balancing Work?

Understanding Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is important in helping you understand the process of managing internet traffic through multiple servers. A global server load balancer allows your website to operate efficiently while significantly reducing the chance of overload due to a large amount of traffic. By selecting a GSLB solution from an experienced load balancing software company will ensure that everything is working correctly and allow your business to focus on your core objectives in the workplace.

What Is Global Server Load Balancing?

Global server load balancing is the practice of distributing client requests across geographically distributed server farms.

How Does It Work?

When a client makes a request, the GSLB evaluates the request, considers the client’s IP address as well as the health and responsiveness of the servers at each location. The GSLB then selects which location to send the client’s request to, based on country of origin, latency, proximity and/or response time. GSLBs work to improve reliability, reduce latency, and increase efficiency.

• Improves Reliability

One of the top advantages of GSLB is that it greatly improves the reliability of your website. Managing internet traffic through multiple servers located across the world allows your website to easily handle a large number of visitors without causing too much of a burden on each server. Ultimately, this makes your site much more reliable and is a great way to maximize the outreach of your company.

• Reduces Latency

Latency is a significant issue that can cause a lot of frustration for users that visit your website. High amounts of traffic to your website can significantly increase latency, which makes it much more challenging to navigate your site without experiencing lengthy delays. However, you can avoid such a frustrating scenario by investing in GSLB for your business website. A GSLB system plays a key role in distributing network traffic across several locations to ensure that no single area is overloaded with too many requests.

• Increases Efficiency

GSLB is also a great way to improve efficiency by significantly reducing the travel time of requests between users and servers. For example, a user in New York will have a request that must travel a great distance to reach a web server based in London. However, you can avoid this significant delay by using a GSLB that allows the user to connect to the server that is closest to their area. Ultimately, this reduces the travel time and creates a much quicker and better user experience.

How to Enable a GSLB for Your Business?

Resonate global server load balancers are simple to deploy because they can be layered onto existing local load balancers from either Resonate or third parties. And since it is a software load balancer, it is easy to scale up or down based on your company’s needs.

Contact Resonate to Learn More About GSLB

Resonate is a load balancing software company that helps businesses distribute network traffic for the best user experience. Our main goal is to help each company reach their full potential by focusing on providing top-quality solutions while always meeting the unique needs of each client. To learn more about the benefits of bringing in a global load balancer to manage your multiple server locations, contact us today.