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Resonate Central Dispatch™ is advanced server load balancing software that provides high availability and optimal performance for all web applications, ensuring a positive end-user experience, while easing management of application and server infrastructure for data center and network administrators. In traditional server load balancing, server and application availability is determined by writing physical interactions between the  server load balancing infrastructure and the applications. This approach not only limits the number of applications that can be managed, but ignores the health of the server and network infrastructure.

Resonate’s patented Resource-Based Scheduling technology allows routing decisions based on actual statistics and heuristics obtained from the server and network infrastructure. This inherent support for all applications provides higher application availability, lower costs and an improved end-user experience - in all, a more advanced server load balancer.

Central to the Resonate Active Intelligence are lightweight distributed software agents that collect detailed information such as CPU load and memory utilization. This information, together with network latency and other metrics obtained by the CD Schedulers and Central Dispatch Console, determine the most ideal path for data flow.

By employing this advanced server load balancing approach, Central Dispatch ensures dependable, predictable performance and responsiveness for ALL applications.

Resonate Central Dispatch optimizes customer experience and availability for Bank of America.

— Bank of America

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