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  • Data Center Needs

    Data center administrators are continuing their mission to consolidate IT resources, taking advantage of virtualization technologies by using off-the-shelf hardware.

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  • Application Delivery

    From shopping and social media sites, to employees accessing enterprise applications, the speed for completing transactions and reliably delivering applications directly influences an organization’s revenue, productivity and competitiveness.

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  • Server Load Balancing

    Resonate software and virtual server load balancing solutions maximize and improve application delivery, providing easy and cost-effective deployment and management.

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"Resonate's advanced server load balancing and global server load balancing options help enterprise and cloud IT organizations address today’s many challenges related to new and complex applications, diverse user devices and growing traffic diversity."

Today’s enterprise data centers are directly tied to the success of an organization. Yet, many companies struggle to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic nature of delivering many applications to widely diverse and increasingly dispersed users. Lacking the efficiencies that can overcome application delivery bottlenecks and reliability challenges, many IT administrators spend too much of their valuable time responding to problems, rather than proactively working on systems that can improve their competitive edge.

Learn how Resonate's advanced server load balancing solutions can optimize your data center.

Advanced Server Load Balancing

Central Dispatch is an advanced server load balancing software solution that provides unmatched, intelligent server load balancing capabilities that enhance your applications to make them fully redundant, highly scalable and available.
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Global Server Load Balancing

Global Dispatch is a wide area network, global server load balancing software solution that consolidates multiple data centers into a single enterprise-wide resource for disaster recovery and business continuity.
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Resonate’s Central Dispatch virtual Load Balancer (CDvLB) provides traffic management capabilities that ensure dependable performance and responsiveness for application delivery within the data center

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Resonate opens up virtual load balancer market with free, fully-functional product.

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Resonate Central Dispatch is an advanced software and virtual server load balancing solution free from the constraints associated with hardware-based server load balancers and ADCs. This enables Central Dispatch to run in any physical, virtual or cloud environment, with the ability to scale and migrate on-demand.

Resonate Global Dispatch is a geographic or global load balancing solution that consolidates multiple data centers into a single enterprise-wide resource.

Resonate solutions allow organizations to:

  • Automatically detect and resolve server capacity issues by efficiently load balancing users among server resources
  • Optimize traffic flow and resource utilization by monitoring network performance and server availability
  • Intelligently route traffic to maximize application availability and performance

Thousands of enterprises and service providers throughout the world rely on Resonate solutions to deliver their applications quickly and reliably, while lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs.

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